The Mlangarini Project

Help us maintain and expand our playground- with swings, balls, and other equipment for $50.

​Water is essential to our wellbeing. Families without a water source take their children out of school and make them become water collectors. With enough support we can ensure the future construction of a rain harvesting system at school- donate $20 today!

Make a donation today

With a donation of $100 you can ensure that every child in the Mlangarini Village gets a new toothbrush.

Your donation is much needed and greatly appreciated. 

Any donation is tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Our tax identification number is 45-3701925.

Keep Mlangarini's School safe, dry and clean by supplying $30 of lava rock for walk-way construction. 

Donate to the Clean Water Project, The Safe Kitchen Project, or the Sanitation Project! Let us know which project you wish to support.

Make a long-lasting impact on a student's life and education by making a donation of $150 for the school year.