We are planning for our annual trip to Mlangarini to be in June, 2018. On this trip we hope to continue to maintain much of the structure of the school building, as well as the playground. Once in Mlangarini:

-We are teaming up with Save The Rain, a non-profit that educates communities on harvesting their rain water and assuring sustainability for future clean water.

-We will build a rain harvesting system from local materials for the Primary School, with the people of Mlangarini.

-We will create a supply of clean water for the village. Rain water is fluoride-free, unlike the nearest and limited water source from Mt. Meru. By switching to rain-harvested water, the school children and their families will be free of the many health problems associated with fluoride such as dental and skeletal fluorosis to neurological disorders and lowered immune systems. Overall, setting up the clean supply of water with provide a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

- A KITCHEN. We would like to hire local workers to restore and set up the kitchen facilities at the Primary School of Mlangarini. If we have a working kitchen we can create a bond between the school and the local farmers, encouraging families to eat what they produce, and integrate their knowledge into the school's curriculum. As growing beings, the school children need to nourish themselves in order to thrive and learn!


- A LUNCH PROGRAM. We would like to establish a Lunch Program for the school children of Mlangarini. The Lunch Program would not only provide more nutritional alternatives for the growing children, but would also educate the teachers and the adults of the village.  As a farming community, the foundation for sustainability and the incentive to grow one's own food is there, yet funding for a working school kitchen is missing. 

Please help us make our vision for the future possible! 


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