The Sanitation Project

Currently at Mlangarini Primary School the toilets are squatters and not connected to sewage drainage. The students also have nowhere to wash their hands. The sanitation projects want to install a sanitation station and build new toilets connected to sewage drainage. The sanitation station will have sinks with mirrors so that the children can wash their hands and clean their faces after playing. We believe that improving sanitation at Mlangarini School will help reduce illness and disease and also help keep the school itself clean.

Shipping Container

We are planning to deliver many donated goods in the upcoming months via a shipping container. The container will include donated clothes, shoes, soccer balls, composition books, toys, toothbrushes among other donated items. Once the container arrives, students and teachers of Mlangarini will have the opportunity to go through the donated items and pick what they please. If goods still remain after all the students and teachers have picked out items for themselves, we will open the offer to the surrounding community in Mlangarini Village.



Our Future Goals