We recently upgraded the Mlangarini Primary School kitchen with new and bigger Rocket ovens that make for more efficient wood-burning and allow for a larger quantity of food to be prepared during the day. This means we can now begin to envision a Lunch Program where every student gets a warm and nutritional mean once a day. The safe, clean, and efficient kitchen will allow for all students to be fed. We believe that every child deserves one hot nutritional meal that will keep them healthy and help them grow up to be more avid learners. The Mlangarini School will not only serve hot meals but as part of the Lunch Program, we hope to educate the students, parents, and teachers as well as the community about healthy food choices and sustainable food farming.

Shipping Container

In 2020 we plan to deliver many donated goods via travel or if there is funding, through a shipping container. Last year's success of the container that included donated clothes, shoes, soccer balls, composition books, toys, toothbrushes, and many other items, inspired us to raise funds to return once again to Mlangarini. 

The best thing about having so many donated goods arrive in a container is that once the container arrives, students and teachers of Mlangarini get together to go through the donated items and pick what best suits their needs. With so many goods we can open the offer to the surrounding community in Mlangarini Village.

Our Future Goals